Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Square

When did fairies become such whores?  No, seriously, this is a legitimate question.  And just by typing it, I realize all the perverts from my old blog will flock to this site when they type "fairy whores" in their google searches.  I'm willing to take that risk.  So, again I ask, when did Tinkerbelle become a slut? ("Tinkerbelle sluts" is probably a common search term for Disney deviants.)
Evidence of Slutitude
I was asked to make a quilt square for a friend's little girl and I really wanted to embroider a fairy.  She loves fairies.  The only thing I had on hand was the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad and the only fairy in it was the one above.  She looks a little too mature for my liking.  And even if I had their Gnomes and Fairies pattern set, I would not have been able to use either of those two fairies.  Blah.

So I went with a unicorn.  I think little girls like unicorns.  I don't remember ever being obsessed with them when I was a kid (I also don't remember being too interested in fairies), but I figured a unicorn is fanciful enough and would represent a non-brothel-like world.
I know the sequins are not too practical for a quilt, but it's a mini quilt and I double knotted each one to secure it.  I also added a little heart brand on its flank.  So there you go...this unicorn is much more age appropriate than that fairy.  

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  1. Agreed! Love that unicorn....and you are way too funny. Thanks for the giggle:)