Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Big Haul - Part Two

More goodies from the Textile Center Garage Sale:

Do you remember the gown I made for Z?  I had more of that style fabric, but with a lot of dark blue in it, but when one of her teachers at school seemed so disappointed that there was nowhere for her to buy it, I felt compelled to give away the blue.  But this was a five dollar find at the first table at the sale!  The same fabric, but in pink!
And there's a shit ton of it. Maybe enough for two gowns for the girls.

That wasn't the only vintage find:
There's also a shit ton of this cotton.  I was thinking this could back Trixie's I-Spy quilt, but those vintage yardages are never wide enough.  I suppose I could piece some together, but...meh.

Vintage terry cloth:
There's more of the blue/green than the blue/pink.  I was thinking swimsuit coverups for the girls?  My friend suggested that I do the hood out of one and the body out of the other.  They aren't really matchy-matchy, but I think it could work.

These were in the bin labeled "Vintage Japanese."  I liked the orange one on the right and some of the others are fun, but some are stained and/or not so cute.

There's very little of the bright floral on the left, but it was just so pretty.  The shag fabric on the end is just a roll of scraps, but I know there's something that I need to make with it.  I love that shaggy fabric...the roll has black, purple, and orange.  It is my assumption that someone made a Halloween project out of it.

Velvets...and some mermaid tail fabric:
That's more of a rose than a red.  There's a decent amount of the purple, though the person who packaged it up did so with masking tape, so I was left with some purple blackheads: just pulled all the little velvet bits out.  It didn't ruin the fabric and I was just going to use it for dress-up clothes anyway, but still...bummer.

Gratuitous mermaid tail shot:
I love shimmer and shine.  (Speaking of...have you seen that show?  It's got a pretty catchy theme song.)

Okay...It turns out, there will be a Part Three post for the last batch of my haul.

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