Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Donation Time

It's almost that time of year again!  The Textile Center's annual garage sale is coming up.  I've got my pile of goodies to drop off.  I feel that there is still more to unload from my craft make room for some fun finds, of course!  That reminds me...I have to clear my excursion with my husband because he'll be on kid duty and I have to see if any friends want to join me.  I don't know what I really need there, but it is always fun to go.  I know there are things that I bought in previous years that I have not used all that stupid crushed panne velvet that I don't quite understand how to sew yet.  Anyway, I felt productive for getting into my craft room and getting rid of things.  I also used up almost a whole wad of fabric making that apron.  I have enough of that floral for a skirt for my kid, so that's up next.  Maybe tonight I'll get in there after I quit dicking around on the computer!

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