Friday, January 31, 2014

More Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas gift bag making is not done in this house.  It's all part of my master plan to make stuff out of my stash.  This particular fabric has been eyeballing me for a number of years.  I think my mom sent it to me.  It looks like upholstery fabric...Can you just imagine it adorning some sad couch in suburbia?  Blah.

So baggage:
Three big bags were made out of this stuff.  And I went a different route with construction.  After the last fun I had with my serger, I serged up the insides:
Boxed some corners:
And installed grommets:
I had everything on hand, even the grommets and the ribbon (had a roll of it left over from my wedding).  The grommets have been used in various projects over the years, but I rarely find a reason to use them.  Yay!  And obviously they were a little hard to sew around, though I did try to use the zipper foot.  Oh well.  It's just a bag.  Also my stitches seem to be off.  Is it a tension issue?  Probably.  I need to get the machine tuned up.  It's been at least four years since its last visit to the sewing machine doctor.

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  1. I've made simple bags and simple lined bags for my knitting projects but I love this idea of a set of bags! I think that is a GREAT idea to use up some of the cottons I had leftover from making aprons this Christmas.

    LOVE that fabric. It is so bright and cheerful and the grommets really take it up a notch!