Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WeeWee Pad

Also known as a changing mat.
I made two changing mats recently using some of that PUL stuff from Babyville.  Over two years ago, I bought two packages of Babyville fabric sets (like this one).  In case you aren't keeping track, that's six sheets of PUL in 21" x 24" cuts.  So in these last two years, I have used exactly one sheet of this stuff.  Nuts.

So I whipped up two changing mats using a sheet of PUL for each one, a layer of leftover batting, some coordinating cotton, and bias tape.  I didn't bother changing the size of the PUL, but I did give the mats rounded corners.
I love this purple/red fabric.  I picked up about a yard of it at the Goodwill ages ago.  It wasn't my favorite fabric at the time, but it has definitely grown on me.  I'm thinking of making a bag or a zipper pouch out of the remaining fabric.

It felt good to use up some things in the craft room.  Well, two sheets of PUL and two packages of bias tape isn't much isn't much, but it's something.  My primary goal this year is to use what I have.  I mean, if I croaked tomorrow, people would have to go through all my crafting shit and that's not fair to them, so if I use stuff up, then it's less stuff for people to donate or sell at a yard sale or burn.

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  1. do these come in adult size?