Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Three more I Spy quilts!

Well, they are in the works.  I am a bad mommy and have not made my own kid a quilt.  Bah.  But I saved a bunch of squares from the last quilt making run, so I had almost enough.  I added a few new squares and I put them in strips.  That's as far as I've made it with her quilt.  Boo.  I need more good white thread, but I have picked out a backing fabric (watermelon seeds) and binding (purple calico), so I just need to cut those strips and I'll be ready to assemble this thing in no time.

As for the other two quilts, my heart cockles were warmed when I asked my sister-in-law if there was anything she wanted me to make her new baby and she asked for a quilt to match her son's!  So nice!  So I started cutting two more batches of squares.  All of the cousins are going to get personalized I Spy quilts, it seems.
So far that is ten squares each.  I need 48, so I ordered another set of squares from Crafterhours, which should be here any day now. I went with Alloy, because I think I did the Eden set last time.  I think that will bring me up to 38 for each blanket.  I'll have to scrounge around my stash to see if there are any more novelty fabrics that would work.  Maybe even revisit the scrap stash?  I don't know.  It really is a lot of work to come up with fairly unique squares for this.  I have yet to pick backing fabrics for either of the two new blankets.  I do have some fun lemon/orange/lime fabric on a black background that could work for one, but we'll see.  These won't be done for a while...I'm guessing next Christmas, so I have some time.

Plus my sister-in-law needs to give me a baby name to work with.

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