Monday, December 2, 2013


Where did half of October and all of November go???  I was not doing much crafting due to a medical condition called pregnancy.  I was just too pooped to do anything.  I'm in the second trimester now, so I'm feeling better.  Plus I had to muster recently, because my niece and nephew both turn three this week.  I made some crayon rollups, which I have previously made here.

I made three each for the two birthday kiddos and one for another nephew.  So here they are:
I opted for the button closure this time around, because the kids are only three and four.  


  1. Glad the second trimester has you feeling a little better:) HUGS my friend.

    1. Thank you! I'm dreading the third trimester. I got so swollen last time. I'm working on drinking three (count them...3!!) liters of water per day. Do you know how much that is? Way too much water for anyone to handle, especially if that person is nine months pregnant. I just can't imagine. Blah.