Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chicken Apron

I swear, patterns sometimes use the ugliest, plainest fabrics to showcase themselves.  I've had this pattern (Simplicity 3949) in my stash for ages and never made any of the aprons, because a.) the heart one is stupid and b.) the others just looked dull.  However, faced with the task of making a child-size apron this Christmas, I pulled it out and took a closer look.  

I really had to look at the lines of A and C in order to make a decision and since I am a seasoned apron maker, I went with A.  It had more opportunities for contrast, which, I think, really makes for a stellar apron.  

Tooting own horn?  Yes.

I mean, just look at cute:
Dog tail for scale.
That's some Alexander Henry fabric, I believe, with the chicken/egg/roosters and just some plain pink I had in my stash.  I had actually forgotten about the chicken fabric until this past Thanksgiving when I went and visited one of those I Spy blankets that I made last year. (I was actually visiting relatives with the added bonus of visiting the blanket!)  Once I saw that little square of chicken fabric, I knew that it needed to be this apron.  

I strategically placed the rooster front and center on the bib.  

As for the construction of it...all went according to plan, I believe.  There was a little confusion as to how the bib attached, but I just read the directions a few times and went for it.  And because this was child-sized, I didn't even mind the gathering bit.  I usually curse and cry and stab myself in the eye with the seam ripper a few times when gathering, but the trick is just to do small bits of gathering.  Much less stressful.

So this is now wrapped and will soon head South, which is what I'd prefer to be doing, especially with this frigid arctic air that's making Minnesota into a very, very, very cold place to be right now.  Balls, if I had them, would be frozen.

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