Thursday, December 5, 2013

30+ Days Late

Halloween.  When was that?  Oh, yeah, October.  I made a costume for my kid.  It was actually a long hard road with the costume and probably would've made mediocre blog content, but, again:  pregnant and lazy.  So, blah.

I wanted to make the Goodnight Moon bunny and ordered some of that minky fabric off of ebay.  It was totally the wrong color.  Still blue, but not turquoise.  I have not taken a photo.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  I didn't return it, but I should have.  Lies!  

Then I went with just bunny.  I found some purple faux fur at the fabric store and picked up a lot of that.  I went with Butterick 3238.
All of my calculations led me to believe that this would fit her.  It had a gazillion pattern pieces and faux purple fur went all over the craft room.  I accidentally cut out the wrong size hood.  I whipped up the body part while the kid was at the park and when she got back I put it on her only to discover that it was way too big.  You see, I had calculated her entire height instead of doing the base of neck.  It was like six inches too long. 

No picture of her in it, but this is what I made up.
It's an Easter hue, I know, but it would have worked just fine as a silly little Halloween costume.  

So then it was back to the cutting board.  I had made the smallest size on the last pattern, so there was no where else for me to go with that one.  I went back to my stash and picked out another kid costume.  There was another bunny on it, but I didn't have any more faux fur, so I had to improvise.
I went with the kitty.  So I scrounged through my fabric stash and found a faux leather cat fabric, some faux fur left over from this costume, a little bit of black fabric, and a variety of brown bias tape.  It worked.

She moves pretty fast, so these are the pictures I was able to snag.
For the tail, which you can sort of see in the above photo, I just cut out a tail shape in the faux fur and tacked it onto the back of the costume.  I did not see the point in sewing a tube of fabric, because turning that frustrates me to no end.  Also note that I was too lazy (or rushed, now that I think about it, because this was made the night before Halloween) to switch out my thread at the cuff.
So there you have it.  If I make up the hood on that purple costume (still in a heap on my craft room floor, so I better get to that before the cats shit on it), then she'll have a costume in the future.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! She was pretty cute walking down the street that night, going from house to house. It was big enough that I could layer some sweatshirts underneath and she stayed warm.

  2. Oh she is just the cutest little Kitty ever!! Great job Mom!

  3. Just saw your chicken apron on The Art of Doing Stuff's Facebook page and started reading. I got to "better get to that before the cats shit on it" and knew I needed to follow your blog. Oh, how I can relate...

    1. Welcome! I've got one that is always peeing in empty laundry baskets. Why?