Sunday, December 22, 2013

Felt Cookie Set

Following this tutorial at The Mother Huddle, I decided to make my niece a little felt cut out cookie set to go along with her little chicken apron.

The stitches are incredibly ugly.  Oh, well.  I was slightly pressed for time and I would have preferred a tidy blanket stitch, but whatever.  I also did the cookie itself in a little bit of a darker thread to indicate that it had been cooked.
I found the mini rolling pin at my local Ace hardware.
The yellow cookie cutter was in my drawer.  I was going to do a star, but I didn't like it.  I really liked the one in the tutorial, but given the pathetic state of the St. Paul roads, I did not feel like driving out to an antique store to find one.

I added a little foil cookie sheet to the set:

Don't forget to ice them:

And then I put everything together.  The only thing I didn't have was the spatula and I liked her idea with the little box, but I didn't have one and kept forgetting to look for one.
Ugh.  Blurry.

And I put one of those gift bags and gift tags to good use:


  1. very cute....Hannah mentioned to me this week how much she really liked those little bags. Keep making them.

    1. The gift bags? Two were sent in her box, so she'll have some more.

    2. And I was just upstairs earlier eyeballing some fabric for future bags. I have a great red and white stripe one and some blue xmas tree fabric.