Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marbling: Favorite Pieces

I'm really milking this marbling thing, huh?  Four posts this week about it, but whatever, man, this shit is cool!

Okay, so here are my favorite (final) pieces to show.

This was originally a blue piece of paper and I dragged my skewer through this a few times for this swirly pattern:
 This was a piece of brown paper, I think:
 This next one was originally a sort of cream with gray flecks.  You can see the flecks throughout the page:
This next one was a pink page, I think, and gorgeous!  I love how it turned out:
 And then this was done on purple and is my absolute favorite piece of marbled paper:
 I can't remember the original color of this page:
 And this one is a corrugated type of paper in a dark brown:
So there you have it.  A day's worth of marbling distributed over the course of a week.  Fun stuff.  I would love to set up a marbling station in my house.  That would be fantastic, but there are lots of tools involved and an actual science to this art.  Seriously...the water needs to be the right temperature and there needs to be some humidity in the air.  It's very intense, but I really had the best time doing this.

And now what am I supposed to do with all this paper?  I suppose I could figure out how to make some cards.  I don't know.  

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  1. These pieces and this technique are fabulous Rach!! I really love the fabric. So neat. Thanks for sharing the results!