Sunday, October 6, 2013


Yesterday I took a class on marbling paper and fabric at the Textile Center of Minnesota, which I had previously mentioned here.  I bought a hand-marbled fat quarter last time and remarked about how it came all the way from Holland.  I need to set the record straight on that...turns out, the fabric was made by a local artist who happens to have the last name of Holland and, well, she's the one who also taught yesterday's class!  

I have about 21 different pieces of paper and fabric to share, so I'm going to break it up over the week.  

This was my first piece of paper with a pattern called "stones."
 I did some more stones on paper, but then used a special technique to place the paper in the bath, which created this ribbon-like, fabric-like effect:

I used the special raking tool for the next paper pieces.  Those lines are called hesitation lines, I think, and are caused when I did not place the paper into the bath in a smooth/fast enough fashion.  And that swirly in the bottom left was unintentional -- I dropped the paper in the water.
 More paper with that ribbon-like/fabric-like technique:
 And the last one:


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    1. It is extremely easy to do. The hardest part is probably the prep work (you have to let the seaweed solution rest for a day or two before using it) and then the clean up is probably the second hardest part, but the actual marbling is a piece of cake.