Sunday, May 19, 2013

Birthday Gift and a Bonus

We went to a birthday party today, so I spent some time at the sewing machine this weekend.  I wanted to do these gifts up last week, but I was too depressed by the utter disaster area of my sewing room.   I think one night I went in to clean it and just curled up in a ball and napped.  Just the thought of tackling it made me sleepy.

Anyway, the first gift was a pillow.  My kid loves pillows and I think it is adorable when she puts her little head on one.  The birthday girl's room is animal themed and her initials are G and E and since I had these furry animal appliques (courtesy of my mom), I decided to make up a coordinating pillow for her.  One is side is an elephant and the other side is a giraffe.  

I debated for a while on the background fabric.  I wanted to do a dark blue brocade for the elephant, but in the end I went with the pajama fabric and just used one pillow for both animals.

As for constructing the pillow itself...that caused me a bit of sewing anxiety.  Why?  Measuring!  I hate measuring things sometimes.  It was a 12" pillow form, so I had to decide what size square to cut.  I read all these things and they kept saying I needed an 11" square, but that absolutely baffled my brain, so I cut the square at 13", I think.  Obviously it is not taut on the form, but I think it is still okay.

Next up, I used a vintage (possibly that considered vintage now?) pattern from Butterick.  It only came in size large, which is supposed to fit a 22 to 26 pound kid.  My fifteen month old is about 26 pounds, so I figured it would fit her and the one year old would grow into it.  
I made the little yellow dress, though they call it a jumper.  I skipped the little panties, because I'm afraid of elastic.  I'm also afraid of buttonholes and I had to tackle that.  Yikes.
I revisited the prairie bonnet and created a little matching hat.  It's a pretty sweet little dress.  I worry that the buttons are a little heavy.  I followed the pattern directions and added two buttons to each strap so that it can be adjusted.  I lined it with the sweetest little print.  
I've had the lining in my stash for ages and I was so happy to find the perfect project for it.  It's so soft and snuggly.  
And I made a little card.  Nothing fancy.

Oh...did I say there was a bonus?  There is!  I made another little dress and bonnet to keep!
The main print was purchased when I first started sewing and was convinced that every single fabric I saw should be turned into an apron.  This never met that fate and, instead, sat in my closet for five years.  I lined it with a little calico.
And here's me in the car frantically trying to install the snaps on our way to the party.
One of the holes got ripped when I tried to pry up the incorrectly installed snap.  I did two females instead of a male and a female, so I had to fix that in the car.


  1. I cannot get over how cute your daughter is! I adore the whole outfit, especially the little bonnet!!

    The pillows are also adorable. I've never sewn anything before (except maybe a few crafts way back in Girl Scouts), so I'm very appreciative of the people who can take fabric and turn it into amazing things.

    1. Awww! Thank you! We are sometimes shocked at how cute she is, too! I probably first sewed a little bag in 8th grade home ec class and then did not pick up the sewing machine for another 17 years (!), when I started taking lessons in order to meet people and make friends. That being said: It's never too late to start!

    2. A class would probably be a good idea - most of my friends are online friends, but it's hard to sit and crochet/knit together with people online. It's just not the same.

      I joined a summer stitch club to ease my way into embroidery. I haven't cross-stitched in years, even though I still have masses of patterns in my stash. I'd like to get back into it, so this seems like a good way to start.

    3. Have you looked into stitch-n-bitch sessions for your crochet/knitting? I've seen postings for those meetups (you can also check at coffee shops and yarn shops.

      Embroidery is fun! Have you seen the sublime stitching line? I love their nutty patterns.