Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pillow Talk

I made these two pillows again.  These are a gift for a friend who just moved to a new place.   Her old place was adorable with a ton of brightly colored walls, so this is my way of telling her to keep up that tradition.

I used an Asian brocade for the first side and then pieced with a gold floral brocade.  I'm thinking that the gold is vintage.  It doesn't smell like it, but it feels like it.  
The instructions just wanted me to iron the inside seams, but since the brocade is so heavy, I thought that some stitching would hold everything down.


  1. Wow, those pillows are gorgeous. I think your friend will enjoy having the lovely, bright colors around to help settle into the new place.

  2. I can't say thank you enough times. These pillows are beautiful and I will treasure them always. I don't have bright colors on my walls yet but I just unpacked and I am not totally done unpacking. Once I am really settled in I'll take sometime to paint. I love these pillow! I'll take some pictures of their new home and post to your wall. Briya/Secret

    1. Awww!! You are most welcome! I only wish I could have been there to help you move, meet the fella, and present them in person. Miss you, sweetie!