Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not Mine

So I mentioned that I was recovering an old umbrella, right?  I went back to my second class and everything was going great until I went to open up the umbrella.  The canopy fit perfectly, but there's a problem with my little end piece.  It's too complicated for words and I don't think that a picture would work, so here's my classmate's umbrella.
She started out with one of those clear plastic umbrellas and it was a struggle at first to cut out an accurate pattern, but after everything was sewn together, she slipped it on and it was a perfect fit!  The plastic end pieces that hold the umbrella to the ends of the ribs were not available, so she had to improvise with some beads.
Oh!  It's fuzzy!  I only took one photo.  Boo.  Anyway, she used a little wooden bead and then a little metal bead to secure that.   I think she was planning on doing a different color bead at each end point.  Pretty neat.  

Mine is in a sad pile on the floor in my craft room.  I need to use a drill, but I have all these horrible images running through my head of drilling off a finger.  Blah.  I'll figure it out.   

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