Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Showers

Well, technically, we had May Snow, which is perhaps why I've been such a crabass lately.  Seriously, I've been so cranky.  I've had no motivation to email or blog or anything.  The sun is finally out, though it is super cold out today and I was kept awake all night by the wind whistling between the houses.  And, adding to my general crankiness/anxiety, whenever it is windy like that I worry about tornadoes.   

Anyway, last Saturday I took an umbrella recovering class at Treadle Yard Goods.  We got as far as deconstructing the umbrella, tracing our pattern pieces, and sewing them mostly together.  I'm using some floral yardsale fabric from my mom.  It's just a cotton, so I'll have to Scotchguard it, or whatever it's called.  I also have to go to the hardware store and get some sort of drill bit for boring a hole into the umbrella topper, because it broke during the deconstructing, but can be fixed with a hole and a new dowel.  Anyway, here's a teaser pic:
I'm off for my second class today, but before I do that I need to go to the ER with my kid in order to follow-up on a fever and a rash from last night.  This just adds to the Crank that I am.


  1. paint and shine up the handle to a lovely shade of pink. That would be awesome. Oh the umbrellas that need to be covered.

  2. Sorry you are feeling crabby Lady!! Winter and lack of sunshine definitely does me in too. I have been taking vitamin D and seeing an improvement though. Luckily the past week or two have been super sunny here. Sending some sunshine your way:) Oh and a hug too. Cannot wait to see the umbrella makeover. I didn't even know that was a thing!!!