Friday, September 19, 2014

Toddler Pillowcases

We switched Z over to a toddler bed around March and I ordered a little 12"x20" pillow to go with the bed.  It came with its own tiny pillow sheath (what are those things called?  Not a sham, but a ...???...  Blah!  The thing between a pillow and a pillowcase?  Anyone?), but I thought I would make some little pillowcases for it, too.

I put it on and said, "Awwww."  So cute.  I really should have made these months ago.

I just used the fabric that was already in my stash.  I really am striving to use that stuff up.  I have not bought good fabric in ages, I think, but I have some coupons from a friend, so I'm going shopping one of these days. 
The white fabric has small butterfly details:

I don't have any reaction shots, but I could hear most of the exchange between Z and her daddy from the other room.  It went something like this:

Z:  No!  I want the white one!  No!
D:  But Mommy made this for you.
Z:  I want the white one!
D:  Okay, I'll take it off...
Z:  NO!  Mommy made that!

The pillowcase made the cut.

If only "Mommy made it" worked as a way to get her to eat her dinner sometimes.

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