Monday, September 8, 2014

The Current State of Things

I had guests in from out of town over Labor Day weekend and I was compelled to clean my craft room.  I really should have taken a before photo, but it was really bonkers in there.  I got a new rug for the room and I really need to choose a new wall color.  Also, I'm paying an arm and a leg for a shipping company to bring me my childhood antique bed (it had been my mom's when she was a kid) and a trunk that my grandfather refinished when my mom was about 13.  The bed will go in here.  I'll have to sell the table and get something smaller.  It's a good table and has served me well.  I don't want to get an Ikea desk, but after months of scouring craigslist, I am no closer to finding a desk that would be suitable for this space.   Blah. it is:


  1. Love this glimpse into your space and Marlee really wants to come and play in there with you and bring her armless headless mannequin to meet your armless headless mannequin. Her's is named Little Roxy because she got it in Little Rock Arkansas this summer and I told her I think Roxy is the name of your dog so they would probably get along great! She is wondering if yours has a name?

    1. I love it! I don't have a name for her....maybe Marlee could suggest one? I also have a fella on the other side of the room! And Marlee is welcome any time!