Sunday, October 7, 2012


While I was going through my scraps the other day for my I Spy charm square collection, I realized how many fun brocade/velvet/satin fabrics I have in my scrap stash.  So I looked up "crazy quilts" and came across a tutorial at Annie's Crazy Quilt Studio.  I was using my phone, so I don't know if this is the best tutorial out there, but it worked for me.

So I cut a piece of linen (I know, very posh of me) into something like a 16x16 inch square and then I started adding my pieces.
It looks pretty wonky without everything fully tacked down, but it's kind of addicting and fun to make.  I love the tactile nature of this with the plush velvets, the scratchy 60's shag silver, the slinky satins, and the ribbed brocrades.  I also really like that this is one of those projects that reminds me of past endeavors.  These fabrics were from things like:
1971 Simplicity 9645 
Simplicity 3685
KwikSew 3687
Where did I get this apron pattern?  It was such a lovely design.
And here's a closer shot of the patchwork.  I was considering hand-embroidering them all after I'm done machine quilting, but that will take eons.  Plus, I found out when one of the heavier brocades would not stay down, a machine embroidery stitch gets down to business and that brocade is forever immobilized.

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