Monday, October 29, 2012

Costume Patterns

I was going through my pattern stash and came across a bunch of old costume patterns.  I didn't make a costume up for my little baby, but maybe someday in the future she can be...

The Chiquita Banana Girl!
There's no date, but I think it's pretty ancient.  It came in the mail back in the old timey days...that's definitely a mark of an old pattern. Plus it's McCall's 101...definitely old, because isn't McCall's up to the 9000's now?

Or someday she could also be Tweety (Butterick 6350) or Sylvester (Butterick 6349).
There are two dates, 1974 and 1978.  I love the matching sneakers on Tweety.  Awesome.

Or how about a freakish clown...
Simplicity 7162.  Circa 1975
I don't think she should be a harem girl, but I'm always game for a pirate or a vampire.
Simplicity 5742.  Circa 1982.
And for those patriotic holidays...Lady Liberty!
Simplicity 6672. Circa 1984.
Or a devil.

And then there's my favorite costume pattern...1980's Space!
Simplicity 5299.  Circa 1981.
It brings to mind Flash Gordon, The Ice Pirates, and Space Camp.  Good stuff!

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