Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fairy Wings

I have had these fairy wings partially made since December.  I made one set of wings in purple for my niece for Christmas, then I made the blue ones, and then the second set of purple sat on my sewing machine half-made for these past six months.  Blah.  

I found the pattern (why do I always want to call it a recipe?) via Cat on a Limb.  

And here's a close-up of the fabric:
The one I made for my niece had a bright pink ribbon going down the middle of it, but I did not have enough of that ribbon to go around.  I think the white is okay.  The other on-hand option was a purple with white polka dots, but I think the solid color was the right choice.

And the blue one:

At rest:
And here's some detail:
I made one for each kid, but my little one is a bit persnickety still about dressing up.  So her sister gets them both for now.  She doubled up on fairy wings, actually:

 I feel like I should make a bunch of these.  I got hung up on not having the right color ribbon for the second purple one, which is what stalled its production.  Some of that mermaid tail fabric from the Textile Center Garage Sale would make a pretty set of green wings.  They go sort-of quickly...hemming that slinky soft fabric is a bit tedious, but all the other parts went fairly quickly.

I sat down the other day and made a list of ten things that I wanted to work on for sewing projects.  These were not on there.  I really don't know why I bother making lists...I never stick to them.

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