Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Loot (Notions and Things)

More pictures of my haul from the Textile Center Garage Sale:

Buttons and buttons and buttons, oh my!

Old aluminum glitter:
Purty!  My friend has a special name for glitter...like fairy poop or something.  She really hates this stuff.

I also picked up this bag kit for $2.00.  It was taped shut and I did not know whether it was intact or not, so it was a gamble.
Island Bag.  What is an island bag?  Anyway, the pattern pieces were uncut.  It seems like it could be a pretty big bag when it is all put together, but do you want to know what I really love?  Those handles:
They are exquisite!  When you bang them together they sound like musical instruments.  Such a pretty sound.

Okay, well that's pretty much it.  I also found a wall hanging, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  It was $5.00, so a little pricey, but I have big plans for it.  That was over near the unfinished/finished projects section, which is one of my favorite places to visit at this sale.  I also found two handmade by somebody's grandma blankets.  They are getting cleaned, but I'll eventually post a picture.


  1. I love your buttons! We make some little flowers with buttons as centers and we scour the resale shops for them. We don't find many and no wonder, at Joann fabrics buttons can be as much as 6 dollars up. Look at those prices on yours! The handles have lots of possibilities too. Happy Wednesday.

    1. I know. Those old-timey prices are such killers...so cheap. For this, the were packaged in little ziplocs for $1.00 and I got maybe 5-6 packages or more per bag. That's not so bad, I think.

  2. Swoon over the buttons! Glitter - craft herpes is what my friend calls it!