Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Loot (Fabric)

The Textile Center had their annual garage sale this past Saturday.  I spent way too much money, but it was so much fun.  Wanna see what I got?

Luxurious fabrics;
 My friend found the velvet section first and got some gorgeous yellows.  She whisked me over to it as fast as she could, which was at a snail's pace -- it was super crowded!  Anyway, I found that the blue velvet was a bit crinkled when I opened it up, so I won't be making anything too fancy, but there is enough to make my kids a fancy cape, though I don't have any lining fabric yet.  To the left of that is a smallish stretch of some beautiful thick stuff.  It's not velvet.  From the left (sorry, I'm all over the place), I have that pink diamond plush velvet-like fabric.  The next is some stretch crushed velour.  It will make a good play dress, that's for sure, but, um...I don't know how to sew with that.

And so I bought more stretch crushed velour (I hope that's what you call it, anyway) in blue (far right) and pale yellow (middle).  There are yards and yards and yards of yellow.  So, yeah...who needs a pale yellow cape?  There were also some gold brocades and that dark blue sparkly stuff.
More blue crushed stuff, some silvery stretch stuff that may actually be some sort of thick spandex, I swear.  The last three are just silky and fun.

 Some cottons:
 Curiously, the flowery one was in the "ethnic fabrics" section.  Yeah, I don't know.

Turtles!  Lots and lots of turtles!  Why did I get this?  I kind of loved it, but now I have a little bit of buyer's remorse.  That's a lot of turtles.
 But I don't regret that rainbow cotton.  There's a yard and a half of it and I think it only cost $1.00 (maybe $3.00, I lost track).  I want to make a skirt or a dress for Miss Z.  She's been asking for a rainbow dress for nearly half a year, so this is perfect.  The Bambi fabric is half an old sheet and I'm thinking pillowcases for the girls.

I'm still on a goal to breathe new life into Christmas fabrics.  You know that I hate table runners and wall hangings and quilts made out of Christmas fabrics, so when I find Christmas fabric, I turn it into gift baggage:
These are actually kind of pretty, with the pinks and the gold.  

In another post I will share the notions and things that I picked up.  When do you suppose I will have all the time to sew this up?

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