Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Nightmare After Christmas

I really didn't want to ruin your holiday, so I held off posting about this book.  It will give you nightmares.  If you are squeamish or faint-hearted, then look away.  Avert your eyes and live in ignorant bliss.  This is my advice to you.  Are you ready?




Is that enough space?  Oh, it is:
"The Stick It, Stitch It and Stuff It Toybook" by Penelope Frith of 1974.  Why, people?  Why??  Oh, you can't see it?  Let me get a little closer for you:
OMG.  What was wrong with the 1970's?  Did nothing good come out of that decade (with the exception of yours truly and a few others I hold dear)?  These prints and color combinations...and those eyelids.  Why are they all half-lidded?  I am absolutely baffled and disgusted.

I know some lady got her craft on and published a book and all and I'm trying not to judge other crafters, but this is bonkers.

The scariest part:
The frakking monkey.  It doesn't get any better in the interior and white photos did it no favors.
Terrifying.  I will have nightmares this evening.

Forgive the jaundiced color of these next shots -- they were taken as an afterthought just now.
And then there's the Chinese doll named "Inscrutable Wong."  Seriously?  Inscrutable Wong?  Horrible name.
We have my mother to thank for this morsel of horror.   Now that we are past Christmas, I can start posting the things that I made this month.  Join me over the next week for the parade of projects!

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