Monday, December 28, 2015

Number Four

I made these Retro Space Age Stockings from Tried and True back in 2013.  There are four designs:  rocket, alien space craft, robot and ray gun.  As you can see, I did three out of the four two years ago and since the family has added a fourth, I got to revisit these.
It took a while to figure out what color the cuff should be and what color the background should be.  I settled on the dark gray cuff and light gray background because of what I had done with the others.  Hopefully that cuff is not too dark.

As you can see, I have not centered the ray gun properly.  It is way too low.  I should have moved it up an inch, I think.  Upon my husband's advice, I only bejeweled the top of the lightning bolt.  I hope that's okay.  My instinct is always to give it more shine and sparkle, but he thought it was a better way to go.
My favorite little bit is this cute starburst sequin at the tip of the gun.  
In the original, the tip has a little round knobby thing (cue porno music), but I really messed up when I was cutting it out, so I snipped it off and gave it this sequin.  I think it works.

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