Monday, February 16, 2015


I signed up for one of those "drink wine and paint this" classes at Creative Spirits.  I almost didn't go, because I'd had a really hard day at work, got home at 6pm, and the class was at 6:30.  There was a small group of participants:  a group of work friends, a couple, and me.  The work friends showed up and made a stink about how the person who had picked the painting du jour was absent and they wanted to choose a new painting.  They wanted to go from the fall forest theme to an abstract/graffiti piece that said "Vino."  Lame.  In the end, we stuck with the original painting.

So here's the advertised painting:
And here's my version:
Hah!  What do you think?  Should I turn pro or what?  I've never painted before, so I was (am) a little proud of my painting.  Now I want to go paint more things, but do I really need another hobby with more accessories when I'm already busting out of my craft room as it is.

Close up, because you love it so much:
If they ever post pictures from that night, they'll be here on their facebook page, but they haven't yet and it's been a week.

And the entire time I was painting, I kept remembering that Disney video about the four artists painting the same tree.


  1. Yes! Yes you DO need another hobby! I am a total enabler when it comes to all things crafty. You my friend did a FANTASTIC job!