Friday, February 20, 2015

Bags and Beads

In Sioux Falls I visited the Old Courthouse Museum because they had a vintage purse exhibit.  I love vintage purses.  I really loved all of these metal mesh bags from the 1800's:

This little embroidered bag was sweet.  
 I also really liked this little Italian beaded baggage:
The rest wasn't very noteworthy, especially anything from the 1970's.

There was also a Native American bead exhibit that the museum reception guy told me about.  

Beaded pouches...
 And this was some sort of smoking bag, I think, but how pretty!
 And this sweet little dolly:
 I also loved this bit of beadwork:
How long do you suppose it took to get all those beads like that?  More time than I have, I bet.

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