Friday, April 11, 2014

Vintage Patterns

Along with the old lady stash that I found at the thrift store, I also came across a ton of vintage patterns.  I'm such a glutton.  I bought almost all of them.  I didn't take pictures of all of them -- just some favorites.  I don't even know if I will be able to use any of them, because who knows what size I will be after this baby.

Without further ado:

Circa 1973, Simplicity 6161, Size 12, Bust 34:
I love the red and white striped shirt with the tie in the front.  

Circa 1978, Simplicity 8698, Size 12 or 14 (there seems to be some confusion on the pattern envelope and I have not yet explored its contents):
Again with that bow tie thing in front.  I really like that.

Circa 1973, McCall's 3542, Size Small, bust 31 1/2 to 32 1/2:
This will never fit me.  It's more a dream pattern for my future teenage girls who will love vintage as much as we do.

Again, dreaming of what my girls will someday let me put them in.  If this lady can put her daughters in these outfits (seriously, that neckline irritates me) or this shrug (how does she stay warm with that neckline?), then maybe I can dress mine as a young Sally Draper:
Circa 1967, Simplicity 7370, Size 10 Girl, Breast 28.

No date visible on envelope, Simplicity 5052, Size 16, Bust 36:
This is a good candidate for my bust, but not the hip...
Blah.  I'll have to figure out vintage resizing on the hip portion.

And how could I resist this Hubba Hubba pattern:
Oh, yeah, check out those dudes.  Circa 1979, KwikSew 1003, all sizes (I think).

And here's a list of the other patterns I found:
Simplicity 6299, junior Size 9, Bust 30 1/2, One-piece dress with simulated smocking, Circa 1965
Simplicity 6578, Size 16, Bust 36, One-piece dress, Circa1966
Simplicity 6651, Small 10-12, Ponchos, Circa 1966
Simplicity 7485, Size 12, Bust 34, Jacket/Blouse/Skirt/Pantskirt, Circa 1967
Simplicity 7684, Size 12, Bust 34, Pantdress/Pantjumper, Circa 1968
Simplicity 8256, Men Medium, Robe, Circa 1969  -- this will fit my husband
McCall's 8666, Size 14, Bust 34, Two-Piece Dress, Circa 1967
McCall's 4557, Sizes 10-12-14, Dress or Top
Butterick 6216, Size 12, Dress/Top/Skirt/Pants, No date visible on outer envelope

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