Sunday, April 27, 2014

Curtains and Things

I'm not one for superstitions.  I don't throw salt over my shoulder for...wait, why do people do that?  I never wore the exact same configuration of clothing to soccer games or track meets to keep a winning streak.  Mostly because my teams were never any good and never had any winning streaks. Anyway, I started thinking that the last time I made curtains when I was this pregnant, I posted about it and the next morning my water broke like crazy.  

I didn't make these curtains from scratch, but I did hem them, and I was nervous all day about going into labor as soon as they were up.  They aren't even for a nursery or anything.  Mostly I'm just nervous about going into labor any day now.  I'm still not due until 5/13, but I'm 4cm and feel like baby is going to fall out with each step that I take.

So here are the before pictures of the windows/curtains:
LONG!  These were 108" long curtains that I found on Overstock.  I think they were either thermal and/or blackout.  

I got them crazy long, because I needed some extra length to make short curtains for these little windows over our bed:
What?  You thought I was going to be all trendy with those stupid draped curtains that pool on the floor?  Gawd, I hate that.  How are you supposed to keep them clean?  Dust bunny heaven is what that is.  Blah.  It was bad enough that these were hung up for months before I finally got around to hemming them today -- I was so worried that the cats would puke on them.

And here they are all finished up.  Forgive the lighting...the room is blue like the photos above, not greenish.

 And the little window:
Ugh.  Don't look at how off center the bed is against the window.  Stupid radiator encroaches upon my feng shui symmetry.  Blah.  I would love to get a radiator cover to act as an end table so that I can fix this problem.  

And check out my new rug:
Another item from Overstock.  Love it.  We're hoping that the big area that it covers will help reduce the cold factor of our bedroom in the winter.  That's also why we got these heavier curtains.  It's a drafty room.

In other news, my sewing machine came back from the fixers.  There was a lot of lint and some needle damage to the bobbin and things.  They had to sand those pieces down.  It cost nearly $180.00.  It made me wonder if that was worth it for a machine that probably only cost $250.00 about six years ago, but it's better to fix things than to chuck them in landfills, right?  Plus it sounds great.  Seriously, it hums now...or should I call it purring.  It purred.  It was lovely.  And no more "Psycho"screeching.

Okay, well that's it for now.  Let's hope that I don't go into labor as soon as I hit Publish.  


  1. Cute curtains!!

    And I'll throw some "stay, baby stay" juju your way :)

    1. Hah! Thanks! Baby is still in. The curse of the curtains has been broken...