Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tee to Tank

I have been eyeballing this tee to tank tutorial over at Crafterhours for quite some time, but did not have many loosefitting tee shirts to work with, but I received one from a friend a few weeks ago as a thank you gift for donating to his documentary film campaign, Saving Hubble.  
A unisex t-shirt (size M) showed up and it was too big.  Instead of donating it to my husband's wardrobe (because he already has one!), I chopped it up a la Crafterhours.

It works and it is very comfortable.  

Food for thought:  That logo is pretty adorable, right?  A cartoon hubble and all, but the placement across my chest makes me feel like the thing just shot off my nipples with his little gun fingers.


  1. Congratulations. You have just entered the world of the REFASHIONISTA. I look forward to seeing many more of these projects.

  2. HA! You just said shot off my nipples! sorry...focus the refashion!