Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Baby Art

They recently sent home more art, December-themed art, from baby school.  My goal is to figure out how to incorporate some into her scrapbook.  This gingerbread man is pretty easy and can just go on a page as is:
The same goes for this holiday light:
But this abstract snowman should be preserved just like it is:
And this winter wonderland is too bulky for the scrapbook:
But this sheet can maybe be cut into strips of something or maybe shapes....maybe for when I tell the story of the day she came home with a note from the teacher that said she ate a lot of glitter paint today...and then she pooped glitter for a day or two after that:
And then there is her birthday crown:
Do I cut it to fit a page or just flatten it and preserve it for the future?

And then the question is...where do I keep all this preserved artwork?  If she keeps making it at this rate, we'll soon be featured on Hoarders:  Baby Art Edition.

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