Monday, March 4, 2013

Lots o' Fabric

We went to Savers (like a Goodwill) this weekend and came away with a buttload of fabric.  It was a little pricey...well, pricier than the Goodwill.  Anyway, here's what I came home with:

Corduroy!  In awesome colors!  I envision skirts for me and little jumpers for the kiddo.

And then there was this pile...

There's a ton of the green and white striped fabric, but just a sliver of the blue floral, so it was sort of a mixed bag of yardage.  There's enough of the Hanukkah fabric to make one gift bag.  I honestly don't know why I bought more cow fabric.  It took me about five years to use up my last batch of cow fabric, but maybe the kiddo needs a cow fabric dress with little red accents?  The plaid is pretty nice.  I want to make my husband a shirt and that may be the fabric for that project.  He asked if I could make it with pearly snap buttons...of course, I can!  

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