Monday, April 30, 2012

Nursery Evolution: Wall Art

There has not been much crafting going on 'round these parts since I gave birth two months ago.  Oh well.  Someday I'll get back to it.  I have managed to squeeze some time in to frame art for the nursery.  I guess that sort of counts as crafting...  Anyway, here's a little tour around Zelda's room...

Here's an old metal "Z" that we found at Hunt and Gather in Minneapolis (best store ever, btw).  We stuck it on with those pull-away command strips to preserve the integrity of the door.
Next up is our first piece of art for the room.  Before she had a name, we called her "The Kraken" when we first found out we were pregnant.  Her aunt and uncle happened upon this piece and sent it to us for Christmas.  It's awesome:

It's made by Family Tree Design.  They have such fun baby monster prints and the Japanimals are fun too (love the Kitsune!).  I wish they had a better variety of colors.

We already had this framed and living in the craft room.  It's an uncut sheet of bookmarks from a company called Ross Industries, which was based out of Liberty, NY, and then it was mounted at Paper Vision in Santa Cruz, CA.  My mom used to work at Ross when I was in elementary school and my drawing skills are featured on this bookmark.  See for yourself:
That's my clown drawing immortalized!
Next up we have the Etsy collection.  I found all of these, with the exception of the "Z", on Etsy.

I think this seller, Loopz, was featured by some nursery website and I loved that the prints had these cute little animals.  It came all the way from Hong Kong and was printed on A4 paper, which I had not realized when I bought the 8x10 frame, so there was some trimming to be done.
And then I did a search for Zelda and found this old page from a book from this seller:
Zelda feels zippy!
And when I did a search for her namesake, Zelda Fitzgerald, I came across this quote from 3 Lambs Illustration:
She was not named after the video game.
As for that Z, my mom sent a blank white z from a crafting store and I covered it with craft paper and modpodge:

A while back I saw that someone had mounted vintage gameboards in their nursery and I fell in love with that idea, but couldn't find any that I liked. A few weeks ago I did another search on Etsy and found Four First Games, a color matching game from a seller called Little Places.  There are four games, but only two two-sided gameboards, so I had to choose which sides to frame.  We went with these two prints, because of their circular nature:
Also, we used ArtToFrames, an Amazon seller, for the white, orange, blue, and pink frames.

And finally, our gal's Great Aunt sent us a watercolor print from her trip to Italy.  It is so whimsical and fun and absolutely PERFECT for the nursery.
I also love that it will grow with her.  I framed it using a 60% off coupon at JoAnn's.  The metallic frame goes so well with the balloons!  We love it!
That's all that we have mounted so far.  It's looking good in there and I will post a whole nursery photo tour after I finish a few things.  Thanks for visiting!

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