Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Handmade Baby Blankets

I thought I'd share a quick post about all of the handmade baby blankets that have been given to our baby girl.
These were my baby blankets and one of them was crocheted by my grandmother.  My mother could not remember who crocheted the other one.  They are not super soft and snuggly, which is unfortunate, but I'm sure we'll still use them on cold Minnesota nights!

Next up, we have another grandmother blanket.  This one was made by my husband's grandmother when he was a wee lad.  It's a giant elephant blanket and it's the coolest thing ever.  I should've taken a picture to show how big it is...oops.  I know it's wrinkly, but I'm a new mom, so I really don't have time to iron anything.  This grandmother also made a lion blanket for my husband's brother.  Was this a kit or did she design it herself?  I don't know, but it is so nifty.
 And my favorite part...the toes!

My husband's mom made these snuggly flannel blankets.  She made some for our nephew when he was born and they've been a big hit with him, so she also made some for us.  The blanket seam binding on the edges was a really good idea.

My best friend sent us this fabulous baby quilt.  It makes me think of a nighttime sky.
 I love the orange swirly lining and the swirly quilting.
 And here's a close-up of one of the dancing stars:

Our neighbor friends made this flannel blanket for the baby and it matches the room surprisingly well!
 I like the rounded corners and the fact that two edges have orange blanket binding and the other edges have ribbons.  Fun stuff.
 So that's it for now.  My mom said that she was also working on a blanket so there may be a blanket  update sometime in the future!  

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  1. She is a lucky girl! All wrapped up in so much love.
    P.S. love the elephant blanket!