Wednesday, August 10, 2016


My craft room acts as the repository for all things that are broken.  It's so sad.  Things go in there and they never get fixed.  They just get moved in, piled up, and then hidden by half-made projects.  I had a few hours to myself on Saturday so I decided to gather some things up and fixed them.  There's no after picture.  Just the before.  Three broken things.  A fourth went undocumented, but it was a pink bunny with a busted neck.
The umbrella broke like five years ago.  It was an easy fix, so I'm glad I didn't throw that out.  I hate throwing things out.  The broom broke around May.  I lost the handle for a bit, but it all worked out - just a bit of hot glue in the hole.  And that little bear was my husband's bear when he was a small boy. Miss Trix loves it and she started pulling the stuffing out of his head when he got a tear.  He was looking a little like Sloth before I sewed him up.
As I was repairing him, I thought he kind of looks like Corduroy and that I should make him some green overalls.  Ugh.  As if I need another project.

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