Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rainbow Dancing Skirt

I mentioned earlier this week that I have some rainbow fabric.  There's one piece that I'm thinking of making into the skirt part of a long dress and then I had another 19" piece.  I decided to make that smaller piece into a long skirt for Z.  I didn't bother trimming it any shorter and it's super long, which makes me wonder how long the skirt of the dress will be??  We'll see.
Like I said, it's super long.  I used a free Oliver and S pattern called the Lazy Days Skirt.    The only thing I changed was the hem.  Instead of sticking a ribbon on it, I serged the edge, turned it to the inside, and gave it a narrow hem.  
I may chop off about two inches...or three?  It seems just a tad long.  
I love her little dances and this is my favorite photo from our little morning photo shoot:
It was a very quick sew.  It probably took way less than an hour, perhaps even 30 minutes.  Time tends to get lost in my craft room when I sit and ponder ribbons and threads and fabrics.

Did I mention that it's long?


  1. I love how the color, cut, fabric only enhances the emotion! That's what I've always loved about fabrics. Everyday is Halloween. We just choose most of the time to dress and pretend we're grown ups. Boo.

  2. Well done! What a fun skirt. And great photo, too!!