Thursday, September 3, 2015

Felt Crown

I made the mistake the other day of telling Miss Z that I once had a crown.  It's true.  I was Homecoming Queen for the dinkiest little homecoming event in high school.  The King and I rode around the gravel track on the back of a flatbed truck.  I think there were some pumpkins and bales of hay or stalks of corn.  

I told her that I still had that crown and that she could have it to play dressup.  And then she demanded to have it right away and told me to "Go in your room and get it."  The room is my craft room, which she has come to believe holds all the secrets to the universe.  When I tell her that I don't know where her sparkly barrettes are, she tells me to go in my room and look for them.  When something breaks, she tells me to go to my room and fix it.  And, in this case, the crown was supposed to be packed away in storage boxes located in the closet of my craft room.  I tore those boxes apart, but could  not find it at all.  Sad.  I really was going to throw it into her dress up clothes bin (does not yet exist).

So I needed to produce a crown.  I told her that I could make her one and she requested that it be blue and purple and pink, but not light pink, dark pink.  Thirty to forty minutes (and a day) later I produced a felt crown:

She was the happiest little thing!  I had all the supplies on hand, to include those little sew on sparklies.  I don't know if you can tell, but the blue ones are butterflies.  The diamond is from an Ann Taylor maternity dress. I got from a consignment store.  There were a bunch of them on the dress, but I didn't want a fancy dress -- I wanted a basic black dress for work, so I snipped them off and have been saving them ever since.  

The crown is loosely based on the tutorial from a site called Juicy Bits.  I didn't use her template and just sort of made one up as I cut.  I also didn't cover the elastic in the back with any fabric.

Anyway, she wants to be a rainbow for Halloween, so I feel inspired to work on that.  I also want her to have some dress up clothes, so that's also on my list of things to work on.  

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