Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two Things

I haven't done any crafting in the last week.  Nuts.  I managed to rearrange my craft room, but haven't yet plugged my machine back in.  I also made it to the store for some costume supplies.  Progress.

Anyway, here are two things that I saw while out on Sunday morning:

That's a polyester* crazy quilt as a table cloth at the Farmers' Market.  I love it.  That would be a great way to use up big chunks of my scrap pile.

And then there's this mural in downtown St. Paul:

It's so lovely in person.  I think they should do them on all buildings with a bunch of different colors.  
*Polyester...when I was in high school we had one of those little gray Macintosh computers in the library.  We used to play Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? (probably on those big floppy discs) and one of the villians from the game was Polly Esther Fabrique.  That's how I pronounce polyester fabric and it's how I see it spelled in my head.  

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  1. You could make three of them. One for Halloween with all that unfortunate looking Halloween fabric, one for Christmas and one for Thanksgiving. The possibilities are endlesss.