Friday, October 17, 2014


I have been eyeballing these wings for years and decided to make a set of my own.  Well, not mine, exactly, but Miss Z's.  Using those scrap rounds that I cut out a few weeks ago, I threw together an approximation of the original set of wings.
Unfortunately, I was only able to get them on her one time.  She refuses to wear them and I don't know why.  There are some minor fit issues -- I did not put a neck tie on it, because I worry that it'll be a strangulation hazard.  Instead I did some elastic arm loops.  

I put loops at the ends, too, where her hands are, but they are small loops.  I had intended for her to put her thumbs in them, but she wanted them on her wrists, so maybe they were just a tad too tight.  I don't know.

If I ever get her to wear them, I'll try to take a picture.   

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