Monday, May 30, 2016

Just Seven

Seven bibs.  That's all I have to show for myself in the last three months.  This is really pretty pathetic.  Oh well.  My craft room is a disaster, I like television and books, and now it's summertime, so I have to keep up with my gardening.
A friend had a little baby girl and I went to my go-to gift:  bibs.  I know, I've done a million bibs, so no one cares, but now they are decorating my urban apple tree, so shut up.
Skull bib.  This has been one of my favorite fabrics since I started sewing about eight years ago.  I made my mom an apron out of it and I've used it in other various projects over the years.  I even put a 5x5 (does anyone else always think of BTVS' Faith?) square of it in Z's I Spy quilt, which, apparently, was the wrong thing to do.  She hates that square and that means she sometimes hates the blanket.  Anyway, I'm down to my last bit of this fabric and I thought there was enough to torture this baby with it.  Hah!  Her mom's a roller derby goddess, so I think skulls are an acceptable accessory.
Blue floral.  This one almost got scrapped.  It didn't align with the towel as well as I had anticipated, so it may have turned out a little smaller than the others.  
I love these little birds!  And that yellow one is also from an early apron.  I miss my apron-making days. 

Final shot of bibs in a tree:

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