Tuesday, March 24, 2015

40 Year Old Geisha

Before I was born my mother worked on two Geisha embroidery samplers.  She finished one, but not the other.  They've both been in my craft room for years and I finally dug them out and decided to do something with them.  I brought the finished one to JoAnn's, because they had a 50% + 30% off coupon, but my stupid ass JoAnn's doesn't have a custom frame department.  Ugh.  Do you know how hard it was to find time to go to that one?  I would prefer to do it at a local frame shop, but that was a good deal!  The coupon has since expired, but I figure that maybe it is better to get them framed together after the other Geisha is finished.
 The trip was not in vain, however.  Before I left, I went through my embroidery thread and looked for matching colors.  What I didn't have, I was able to find at the store.  
Look at that stitching!  So tidy!
On the flip side, I found a strand of light green that was never finished off, so I used that to work on the front leaves and then I added some of the new green from the store.  Can you see the difference?

I don't have any of the original directions, so I can't decide if I'm supposed to add more of those pink split stitches next to the blue outline of the kimono.  I just can't decide.


  1. I like the different green, not all leaves/needles are the same color in real life. And the name of your blog this week makes me want to read about something different... -tagjr

    1. I know...it's depressing...I'm getting so old!