Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ack!  Where did the month go?  It's already Valenyine's Day and I haven't done any crafting in weeks.  We did some nursery updating a few days ago, but my work schedule has been hectic and I haven't had any time to take good daylight photos.  Maybe this weekend I'll share some pictures.

Anyway, Happy Valenyine's Day!  This time last year I was 11 days from my due date and to celebrate, I made my husband make one of those plaster castings of my pregnancy belly.  We used the Proud Body kit.

He tells me I am not allowed to post any of the in progress/aftermath photos, because they are too pornographic.  I guess he's right about some of them, because you can see my thighs!!  And in some of the castings you can see my nipples (not my fault -- that plaster was COLD!). 
So, what did I think of this project?  Meh.  It's a neat thing to see, but we didn't use enough of the bandages, so it feels a bit flimsy -- it definitely won't withstand the test of time.   It's fairly delicate to begin with, so it's also a hassle to store the thing.  It's traveled around the house this last year.  For a while, it spent time in front of a window facing the neighbor's dining room window.  Hello!  The whole project was also super messy.  I think we're still finding plaster splatter on the cabinets even after one year.

I haven't decorated it yet.  I thought about painting it or bejeweling it, but it's not very smooth.  I'm sure there was a way to fix that mid-plastering, but we didn't.  Oh well.  

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  1. I didn't get one of these when I was pregnant but I wanted it so much. Now I don't know what I would do with it. Oh the things we do when we are full of hormones. I bet the neighbors enjoyed it. ;)