Friday, January 13, 2012

Marker Roll-up

My next project from "Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" was a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, a very talented scrapbooker.  When I saw her at Thanksgiving I asked if she used colored pencils for her scrapbooking, because I was thinking about making her the Colored Pencil Roll from the patchwork book.  Unfortunately, she said that she doesn't really use them, so I tried to think of something else for her.  But then I came across a package of 20 Stablio markers and since they were similar in size to colored pencils and they could be used for journaling, I took the plunge and made the roll-up.  But first I had to pick four additional markers to fill all 24 pockets!

The hardest part was picking 24 coordinating pieces of fabric.  The roll-up is in the 2-4 hours section of the book, but I think I spent about a whole hour in addition to that just picking out fabrics.  Otherwise, the directions were easy to follow and I got to use my walking foot for the first time ever.  (P.S.  The walking foot really looks like the star of Alien.)
I changed the order of the colors.  The book ended on purple, but I ended on green.  I think it worked as the best combo with the fabric selections.
What I also love about this project is being able to look at the fabrics that I chose and remember where else I had used them.
The book indicates that this pattern came from Pink Chalk Studio and her website has this pattern for sale in the 24-pocket roll and a 12-pocket roll. 


  1. Oh how I wish I had your sewing skills. Fantastic.

  2. LMCS' home-ec did not prepare me for sewing! I had to go take classes! I had been living in Santa Cruz for over a year and had tried pottery, rock climbing, etc...and just could not make any friends in those once a week for six week classes, so I bought a sewing machine and took an ongoing class for a year or so. It cost a lot, but eventually someone showed up and I made a friend!